Stone X Customs

Starting $149


This is the new Stone X.

We explored countless materials, weights, and sizes. We came up with over 300 models for you to choose.

All Stone X mallets are built-to-order, according to your preferences.


This is how we developed it.

These mallets are a completely new and unique addition to any professional player’s mallet collection.
— George Nickson, Principal Percussionist of The Sarasota Orchestra.
The Stone X mallets feel unlike anything else I’ve ever played. The sound quality is superb throughout the entire range of the instrument.
— Kyle Ritenauer, Principal Percussionist of The Hudson Valley Philharmonic

Overall Length: 12.9"

Ball Diameters

Small: 1"
Medium: 1.125"
Large: 1.25"
X-Large: 1.375"



Diameter: 0.236"
Length: 5.3"



Diameter: 0.5"
Length: 6.5"